Nestlé Toll House is unveiling its 2015 seasonal baking trends to help home bakers discover creative new recipes and inventive ways to use its variety of baking products. Today’s bakers have access to endless sources of inspiration and Do-It-Yourself confidence. Demographic trends such as an increase in multicultural families and smaller households are also influencing how America bakes. With more self-taught and culinary adventurous consumers, baking has evolved to include ingredient-driven sophistication, more baking customization, and personal interpretation of classics. As temperatures drop around the country, Nestlé Toll House is inviting consumers to warm up their ovens and share their best baking this holiday season.

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Nestlé Toll House turned up the heat in the kitchen to create a one-of-a-kind experience based on the popular hackathon frenzy. As a leader in baking, Nestlé Toll House hosted the first-ever baking hackathon, where top tier media attendees and YouTube influencers came together to discover trends and create the season’s best new recipes with the help of top pastry chefs in the country.